Very Affordable Formula 1 Simulator

OpenWheeler - the Agile Formula 1 Simulator

The best Formula 1 simulation is the Formula One Championship Edition for PlayStation 3. This is the game title which gives the most realistic conception of what is really happening in the cockpit of a real F1 driver, in home environment.

Formula 1 SimulationOf course, there are much better Formula 1 simulators available. They can be often seen on big auto exhibitions. Displayed for popularization of the motor sport and attracting more people. Driving in a simulator of this caliber is a very hard and painful venture. Normally you have to wait a very long queue. And at the same time the actual time spent in the simulator is almost vaporous, comparing the time of waiting. And the only thing left will be the fantastic story, that you'll tell about having the chance to be in a real F1 simulator. And how you already know everything about driving a F1 car.

But luckily for all of us, Codemasters made a brilliant F1 game for PS3. Now we can all get very close to the real sport atmosphere and the thrilling of driving an F1 car. Right in the middle of your living room.

In the last couple of years, a few racing seats suitable for home simulations, were launched. They are also F1 racing compatible. Their prices vary between 20 GBP and 700 USD, depending on the country of purchase. Which is actually the price gamers pay for a video game console like PS3 or an Xbox360.

It is worth noting the OpenWheeler racing simulator, which comparing to the others have reclining seat back and additional forwards and backwards slide function. Its seat is also made for real race cars so it provides tremendous back and shoulder support. Giving gamers the feeling of driving a real F1 car. Form the comfort and safety of their homes. Without having to pay over 2 million dollars, which is the price of a real F1 car and a broken body part on case of an accident.

A very good reason for considering having one of the following Formula 1 racing simulators.

The OpenWheeler racing game seat is the most inexpensive Formula One racing game simulator (compatible with PlayStation™, Xbox™, Wii™ & PC/MAC) you can bring and play at home.